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A One-Stop Shop For All Your Pretentious Beer Glass Needs


No one wants to be seen drinking beer from a boring, plain glass so the aptly named The Pretentious Beer Glass Company has something better. They specialize in beautiful handmade beer glasses that are designed to enhance the flavor of your brew (theres even a dual-chambered version).

I make all the glasses by hand at the Flame Run Hotshop with the assistance of Alex Rickel. I use techniques that haven’t really changed in several hundred years (except for a few safety features). Molten glass is collected on a hollow blowpipe, and shaped with the use of wet newspaper pads or wooden tools. No machines touch your beer glass from PBGC! After the glasses are finished hot, I take each glass to my coldshop where I engrave and/or grind the bottoms flat. Once finished, I personally hand-sign each glass and package them in branded gift boxes. Despite the volume and breadth of distribution of these products, it is all still a one-man operation with the help of a few friends. I hope that you enjoy drinking out of these glasses as much as I have enjoyed making them for you.

You can buy them individually or mix them up to create just the right cooler than cool vibe next time you have the friends over for a party.

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