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A Pointlessly Elaborate Way To Chill a Beer In Four Seconds

Behold, the world’s most pointlessly elaborate way to chill a beer. It was created for the DEFCON 19 Beer Chilling Contraption Contest and it’s capable of bringing a beer from 90 degrees to 45 degrees in just four seconds thanks to a pipe-within-a-pipe design and some liquid carbon dioxide.

The project page explains the process:

This chiller operates with a similar concept as a water jacketed pipe. However, unlike the water jacket which relies on flowing liquid to move heat this chiller uses a stagnant reservoir of of liquid CO2 in the jacket cavity which it boils off to move thermal energy away from the center pipe (where the beer is) and into the operators face. I’ll be moving the vent location on the next revision.

Interesting, but 45 degrees is still way too warm for a beer. Apparently, the winning entry was able to hit 36 degrees—which is more like it.

(lolhacking via Hack a Day)


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