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Baxter The Beverage Delivery Robot Is At Your Service

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Robots aren’t just about increasing speed and productivity on the job, they’re also about ensuring that you don’t have to burn precious calories walking to get a Fresca. There’s now a concept robot named Baxter and his trusty sidekick RoboFridge which exist to fill the beverage bringing void that has existed way too long…

The BDS (Beverage Delivery System) process starts when a user requests an item using a simple remote control. Baxter is activated from his sleep mode and navigates to RoboFridge using a variety of navigation techniques. These include dead reckoning using encoders, IR beacons, and line following. Once he arrives Baxter will initiate a docking sequence with RoboFridge. After docking, RoboFridge deposits the canned beverage into Baxter’s cargo area. Baxter then undocks and navigates back to the thirsty user to deliver the beverage.


Project Page: (via Make)


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