Become A Beer Ranger With This Badge

officialbeerranger copy

Ok, ok, so there’s no such thing as a “Beer Ranger,” but if you’re still keen on the idea of preventing keg-fires or whatever else your  ranger job might entail, then you should probably pick up this nifty Beer Ranger badge so you at least look official.

First off, it’s a badge—but it can also be used as a bottle opener, a money clip, a refrigerator magnet and worn as a necklace. It can even be used to channel and magnify your telekinesis powers so you can open all of the beers at a party simultaneously and cause the room to fill with bee–

Oh, uh… I’ve just been informed that said beer badge does not channel or magnify telekinesis powers. It’s just a bottle opener that looks like a badge. Sorry.

Check out the badge in action after the break…

This Kickstarter is fully funded, but a badge can still be had for $10 and up.


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