Beer Lollipops Give You All The Flavor With None Of The Buzz


You might not be able to drink a beer any old time you like, but you probably can suck on a beer-flavored lollipop without getting fired from your job. These lollipops by Lollyphile come in three beer flavors of Lager, Stout and IPA and are true to the beers for which they are named. This isn’t Lollyphile’s first foray into the world of odd lollipop flavors. We’ve previously featured lollipops with flavors like Sriracha Bacon and Bleu Cheese.

You can get yourself some beer flavored lollipops online, and if you use the code BEERBREAK at checkout then you’ll get 50% off of your whole order, no matter which flavors you choose.

Product Page ($10 For Four)


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