Airline Traveler Successfully Checks In Single Can Of Beer As Luggage

In what he’s describing as the greatest moment of his life and “pretty much a meme in real life,” an Australian traveler known only as “Dean” successfully checked in a single can of Emu Export beer as part of his luggage at Melbourne Airport.

The experiment went down on Saturday while he was catching a Qantas flight from Melbourne to Perth. Dean apparently arrived too late to check the can in while heading out of Perth and instead decided to try it out on the return flight. The automated check-in counter initially wouldn’t register the can as a bag, prompting him to employ some “creative tray stacking to fool it into thinking there was a bag on the conveyor.”

After getting the green light, a “bloody stoked” Dean moved on to his flight fully prepared to submit a lost luggage report if the can failed to show up in Perth. However, it did, and completely undamaged too.

Dean says he plans to keep the can for now, but will eventually consume the contents to keep it from going to waste. Needless to say, this stunt is likely to give beer companies even more motivation to come up with stupid viral marketing ideas.

(via Mashable)


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