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Brew Masters Is My New Favorite Show

Last night Brew Masters premiered on the Discovery Channel and I have to say that it was as good as I had hoped. It’s a real must-watch for any homebrewer (or fan of beer in general).

The show goes on beer-crafting adventures with Sam Calagione, owner of Dogfish Head Brewery. I’m a huge fan of Dogfish Head beers and their “no rules” philosophy (as is evident with my recent batch of Oatmeal, Coffee, Chocolate Bacon Stout), but if you haven’t seen Sam in action, you’ll quickly realize that he is also a very entertaining guy. I first saw him in the documentary Beer Wars, which was a pretty good indicator that he was reality show-ready. So the fact that he landed on Discovery made a whole lot of sense.

The first episode dealt with the formulation of Bitches Brew—a beer-based tribute that was released this past summer to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the groundbreaking Miles Davis album. It’s a fusion between an imperial stout and a honey-based African Tej. The inside look at the process these guys go through from conception to grain to glass was definitely interesting to watch.

Of course, all of the things that suck about reality shows are there—exaggerated drama being chief among them—but if you are interested in brewing beer, it seems as though this is the kind of show that will really conjure up some creativity and enthusiasm. I know I was ready to make another batch despite having just filled up my 3-tap, 15-gallon system.


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