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BrewDog Makes The Strongest Beer To Ever Be Served Inside a Squirrel

BrewDog has become renowned in recent years for making incredibly strong beer, and their latest concoction is yet another record breaker. At 55% alcohol by volume, The End Of History has become the world’s strongest and most expensive beer. Oh, and this is a minor detail, but it’s served inside of a squirrel.

I kid you not, BrewDog is bottling their beer in your choice of a dead stoat or a grey squirrel at $764 and $1070 a pop. So very, very disturbing.

If you can move past the squirrel thing for a moment, the beer just happens to be a blond Belgian ale that was brewed using the controversial fractional freezing distillation method, which could be considered as cheating  (Samuel Adams Utopias on the other hand, is 27% alcohol by volume but was brewed the hard way and aged for 10 years in casks).

Anyway, I’m all for pushing the boundaries of beer, but I’m not down with the squirrel thing. It reeks of a marketing gimmick…and dead squirrels.

(BrewDog via Asylum)


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