Completely Automated Countertop Brewery Takes The Guesswork Out Of Homebrewing [Video]


Brewie touts itself as “the world’s first fully automated brewery” (which isn’t actually true) and it’s currently up for funding on indiegogo. The unit is entirely self-contained and sits on your counter like any other appliance.

“Brewie Pads” include all the ingredients you need measured out and neatly packaged along with a RFID card that the machine scans so it knows how to prepare the recipe. There’s even a countdown clock and a smartphone app so you can control your batch remotely and keep tabs on much longer you have to wait to have a cold one.

They offer different types of kits for those of you who are new to homebrewing, but they claim that those who have experience brewing can use it to experiment with their recipes. Needless to say, we’re a bit skeptical.

Still, if you value speed over quality and are willing to take an expensive risk, you can secure a Brewie for a pledge of $1,399 for a Beginner Pack.

Learn more in the project video after the break.


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