Don’t Be Scared Of Kaiju, Have A Drink With Them At A New Japanese Bar

kaiju bar 1

Could you imagine kicking back and having some booze with Godzilla? What about with one of the monsters from Pacific Rim? Alcohol changes them and makes them less vicious! You can relax with Kaiju at a new limited-time bar called Kaiju Sakaba in Kawasaki, Japan. There are costumes and the entire bar is filled with memorabilia showcasing kaiju and Ultraman . But, don’t you dare come into the bar dressed as a superhero. No good guys allowed!

The monster tavern will close next spring so go get a drink with a kaiju while you can!

Check out more pictures of the bar after the break.

kaiju bar 2

kaiju bar 4

kaiju bar 3

kaiju bar 5

kaiju bar 6

(Net Lab and Get News via Kotaku)


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