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Adult Easter Hunt Replaces Eggs With Beer


The rite of passage into adulthood too often means that the joys of childhood lose their luster. That was the case for John Halcyon Styn, who one day found that the magic of an Easter egg hunt was gone.

To remedy the situation, John’s mom decided to reinvent the process by presenting a bunch of empty cardboard 6 pack holders filled with plastic green grass and declaring:

“The front yard is filled with micro-brews. Each of you is responsible for finding 6 beers. There are wine coolers and cans of Ensure for Grandpa. You can trade bottles after the hunt is over.”

No thanks Grandpa. I’ll stick with my IPA.

Of course, the promise of booze gave the “withering tradition” a “new fervor” and now the annual Easter egg hunt is eagerly awaited.

Image via Epic Beer

(via Laughing Squid)


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