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Curious About What A 3,300-Year-Old Beer Tastes Like?


There are all sorts of special brews out there, but none claim a heritage like this 3,300-year-old Danish beer. Egtved Girl’s Brew is being made through a partnership between the Danish National Museum and Skand’s Brewery and is based on the dried residue found in an ancient bark beer bucket. The bucket was in a coffin along with the remains of the Egtved Girl, hence the name of the beer. Peter Steen Henriksen, curator of the museum, notes:

“We had the basic list for the beer, but the challenge was to find the relationship between the ingredients, and we had to taste our way to a result. So, is our new brew the drink Egtved girl’s people took to their graves? We cannot know for certain, but it’s an educated guess.”

The beer is said to have the flavor of a wheat beer with malt, honey, bog myrtle, and cranberry.

See video about the Egtved Girl after the break…

The beer is available for purchase through The Danish National Museum.

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