FAA Shuts Down Lakemaid Brewery’s Beer Drones [Video]


A Wisconsin brewery, Lakemaid, surprised the kindly ice fisherman on Lake Waconia in Minnesota by flying a twelve-pack of their favorite beer to the fishing cabins right on the frozen lake. How’d Lakemaid do this you ask? By using a remote-controlled quadcopter of course.

That’s right: Lakemaid delivered a twelve-pack to a number of thirsty fisherman via quadcopter during zero-degree weather. As one would suspect, the fisherman were quite pleased. The Federal Aviation Administration, on the other hand, was not too happy about the little robot-related stunt.

The FAA notes that one cannot operate a drone for commercial purposes, or fly it above 400 feet in the U.S. So the whole beer drone operation was canned. But Lakemaid’s president Jack Supple is fighting to take back the skies over Minnesota.

Find out more and watch the drone in action after the break…

“The model of UAV used for the video was a DJI F550,” said Supple. “There was a little wind that day so it was laboring to lift the twelve pack. We had to lighten its load by some bottles to safely fly it. We were about to order a larger drone when the FAA called. So we’re waiting to see where this goes. Regulations come out in 2015 and we’ll be ready.”

The company started a Whitehouse.gov petition, and they took to Twitter and Facebook to spread the good word.

While the beer drone might not be taking off again anytime soon, it should be noted that the company received a lot of attention over the Web for this little PR stunt, so don’t start feeling bad for Lakemaid just yet.

(via TechCrunch)


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