Forget The Fruit, Add These Beer Bags To Spice Up Your Brew [Video]


You’ll never have to drink a boring, flavorless brew again with these beer enhancing sachets. Think of it like a tea bag for adding flavor to your beer. It’s a simple idea that’s not dissimilar to “teas” that brewers might make to test different ingredients.

Hop Theory’s first concoction of orange peel, coriander, and cascade hops is called Relativity. The team is currently testing the market and raising funds on their Kickstarter, and it seems as though they will surpass their goal in no time.

For a pledge of $25 you’ll receive two twelve-sachet pouches of Relativity, which can be reused. Hop Theory says:

“A single sachet transfuses up to four beers, so there is no need to open a new sachet after your first pint.  In fact, after the sachet becomes saturated, the transfuse time drops tremendously (from 3 minutes to 30 seconds). If you’re feeling conservative, you can even store your used sachet in the fridge for later use.”

Check out the video after the break for more info.

(via Geek)


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