Get Into The Valentine’s Mood With Red Velvet Cake Beer


This mouth watering brew is perfect to share with your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

It’s a brand new amber ale from Second Self Beer Company, aptly named Bleeding Heart, that combines Peruvian cocoa nibs and whole Madagascar vanilla beans to give it the essence of red velvet cake.

“There’s no seasonal beer for Valentine’s Day,” notes Second Self owner Jason Santamaria.

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Don’t expect Bleeding Heart to taste like dessert however. From Food And Wine:

That would be way too heavy,” Santamaria says. The result is quite dry and meant to pair with everything from cake to steak. “Vanillin, the compound found in vanilla, is also in oak barrels and in charred or roasted things,” he says. “So that little bit of char on the steak really brings out the vanilla in the beer—but not in a sweet way.”

Unfortunately, if you don’t live in Georgia, you’ll have trouble getting your hands on this delicious draft. If you do, well, there’s more good news. Second Self plans to expand their Valentine’s Day lineup in the coming years with “barrel-aged Old Heart, Bitter Heart (made with extra cocoa) and Wild Heart (a sour version).”

(via FoodandWine / Image via Tex Grubbs)


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