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Drunken Shenanigans Lead To A Dinosaur In The Middle Of A Road


The Isle of Wight is famous for two things: It’s the place Paul McCartney wanted to rent a cottage in the Beatles song “When I’m Sixty-Four,” and it’s the only county in England not to have a motorway.

Oh, and they have a dinosaur called Godshilla.

Recently motorists on the south end of the island found a particular road blocked by the giant triceratops. Specifically, it was found in the road in front of a local pub, suggesting that some cheeky buggers might’ve had a few too many Newcastle Browns and decided that the time had come for Godshilla to migrate from its home on the property of one Martin Simpson to its new location blocking the middle of the road.

Simpson has suggested that it would probably take at least five people to move the giant faux dinosaur. You might think you could lure this herbivore out with a nice salad or a bunch of brightly-colored berries, but you’re forgetting one crucial fact – he’s not a real dinosaur. I mean, come on, people.

(IWCP via Mashable)


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