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New “Just-Add-Water” Beer Debuts


Tired of lugging bulky 12-packs of beer out to remote and ultimately hard-to-reach parties? (You know, the kinds of festivities that usually take place in very rugged locales, like mountaintops, ancient forests or the Arctic tundra? Like… well, I guess the kinds of places where most sacrificial rituals happen? Never mind.)

Anyway, your days of being a beer pack mule for your buddies are finally over.

Pat’s Backcountry Beverages developed a beer concentrate that only requires water, some carbonation and a bit of shaking and before you can say “portable brewery in my backpack,” you’ve got yourself a tasty 16oz ale.

The Pail Rail and Black IPA concentrates will be sold for $9.95 (4-pack) at liquor stores starting in September. Once you’ve got the concentrate (which uses a super secret Eco2Activator powder), all you need is a Carbonator and 16oz of water and then you’re good to go!

(via Foodbeast)


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