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The Bevometer Koozie Keeps Track Of Your Drinks


Don’t get me wrong–I love a beer or two. Or three. Maybe four. Anyway, sometimes I have trouble keeping track of how many I’ve had (things get a little fuzzy after four), which is why I’m starting to think that I may need to invest in this Bevometer koozie.

The Bevometer acts like a regular koozie, but it also features a specialized sensor that keeps track of beverages you’ve consumed. Each time you add a new beer or beverage to the koozie, it adds that to your overall tally (lifetime) as well as your current tally (this time). The creators of the Bevometer are looking for funding on Kickstarter, and their goal is $5,000. With a donation of only $15, you can pick up your very own Bevometer.

Also, just a quick FYI, the lifetime counter maxes out at 99,999. So at least you have something to shoot for.

(Gizmodo via Gizmag)


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