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The Greatest St. Paddy’s Day Beer Gadgets [Feature]

How will you celebrate St. Paddy’s day? A couple of pints and a green shirt are good for starters, but you could kick things up a notch with some of the awesome beer gadgets featured in this list. Of course, they work year round as well – and we hardly need an excuse to enjoy a good beer now and then.

Beer Jug Jokki

As far as I’m concerned, a thick head of foam is an essential part of the experience for most styles of beer, which is why the Beer Jug Jokki from Takara Tomy isn’t a completely ridiculous gimmick. After pressing down on the switch in the handle, the mug will agitate the beer at the bottom to replenish the foam as needed. Unfortunately, it won’t change the fact that you’re shamefully drinking cheap iced-tea flavored Coors Light. $27 – Japan Trend Shop via That’s Nerdalicious

Lightsaber bottle opener

This lightsaber bottle opener is handy (as is the Millennium Falcon version), but I prefer to use The Force to pop the tops off. In fact, that’s the only thing I learned in the Jedi Academy. $19 – Forbidden Planet via That’s Nerdalicious

OPMOD Battle Mug

Need a tactical beer mug for getting loaded behind enemy lines? When I’m hunting for attractive ladies at the bar, I reach for the OPMOD Battle mug from Optics Planet. It “combines three Mil-Spec 1913 scope rails and a block of CNC-machined 6061 T6 billet aluminum with the capacity to hold a sizable 24 ounces of your favorite frothy beverage.” Then it’s just a simple matter of decking out your mug with all manner of scopes, foregrips and night vision lenses. Indeed, my beer goggles are weapons-grade. You can’t even imagine the awkward situations I’ve got myself into. $249.99 – Optics Planet via That’s Nerdalicious


If a Koozie works for cans, why not kegs? That’s the basic idea behind these KegSkin neoprene sleeves. According to the product page, 38-degree kegs can be exposed to an 80-degree environment for over five hours and only rise in temperature around six degrees. That means no hauling around ice for your St. Paddy’s Day party. It also might give you a more secure grip for the inevitable round of keg stands. $39.95 – KegSkins via That’s Nerdalicious

Bicycle beer holder

Get that six-pack home safe for St. Paddy’s Day with this custom bike cinch, which appears to have started out life as a polo mallet holder. Whatever the case, this is a brilliant innovation. I hate to brag, but I was way ahead of the curve on this since my bike water bottle was always filled with booze. $24 – Etsy via That’s Nerdalicious

Spill-proof robot arm

Australia’s Han Beer is really on to something with this wearable beer stabilizing robot arm. But the interesting thing is that this technology actually exists for cameras already, so there’s hope that one day my rhythmless, spastic dance moves  won’t tragically result in beer spillage. YouTube via That’s Nerdalicious


Mastering the way of the drunken ninja begins with sending away for a kit that you can use to transform to ordinary beer cans into foam-filled nunchucks. Each kit includes 13 metal assembly pieces and a complete set of instructions. After passing the training program, you will be issued the standard drunken ninja uniform, which consists of a mask, a shirt with an image of wolves howling at the moon and a university baseball cap that must be worn backwards. $13 – Canchucks

Lego Mindstorms beer machine

In what is surely one of the best applications of Lego Mindstorms to date, YouTuber Nxt1engineer created a beer machine that is capable of serving two kinds of Dutch beer via Bluetooth commands, opening each bottle and cooling it to drinking temperature. Then almost ruined the whole thing by setting the demo video to Lady GaGa. Almost, but not quite. It’s still awesome.  YouTube

Freedom Flask

There are many different types of booze pouches that can be concealed on your person in order to sneak drinks into sporting events, bars and the like – but this version is unique in the sense that it’s worn like underwear. Not only that, drinks are intended to be dispensed through your pants zipper. Bear Grylls hasn’t been contacted to be a celebrity spokesperson just yet, but since his Man vs. Wild days are over he might be interested in the work. – Freedom Flask

Tub Mug

The Tub Mug is beer mug that you can mount on the wall in the shower, so that you can drink beer while bathing. One of the biggest first world problems facing us today has been solved. ‘Merica! $9.99 – Tub Mug via That’s Nerdalicious

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