The Kegerator Just Got A Whole Lot Smarter


How many beers are left in the keg? Is the beer at the “perfect temperature”? Don’t look to the kegerator for answers. The kegerator is an idiot.

A startup company called “PicoBrew” is looking to change that with a smart kegerator that they’re funding through Kickstarter. Dubbed “KegSmarts”, the machine is equipped with an OLED display and a microprocessor that serve to maintain craft beer temperature, track freshness, display details about style and alcohol content and, of course, let you know how many servings remain. KegSmarts also lives up to its name by offering a social mapping feature that can suggest other craft beers available nearby while also notifying your friends when you’ve installed a new keg.

A $250 single-tap DIY version is available for those who want to retrofit the smart component to existing kegerators, while the complete KegSmarts will set you back $899 (or $1,099 for double-tap). Needless to say, the Kickstarter campaign has been a huge hit, and as of this writing, the company has already surpassed it’s $100,000 goal with 25 days to go.

Check out the project video after the break…

(KS via Eater)


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