These Growlers Are Pieces Of Art And They Hold Beer

growler copy

During prohibition, bottled beer was something of a rarity, so when a drinker wanted to get themselves a bit of the good brew, they’d have to track down someone who was making the stuff illegally. Typically, the brewer wouldn’t provide a drinking vessel or container, so said boozehound would bring along a “growler” to tote around their alcoholic treasure–back then, a growler could be anything, but the most popular growlers were usually pans, buckets and ceramic jugs.

Ceramic growlers are making a comeback of sorts now: They’re reusable, economical (they hold A LOT of beer), environmentally friendly, and they protect your brew from heat and sunlight. Portland Growler Company makes a wide range of cool ceramic growler jugs and they recently released a video that highlights the entire manufacturing process. It’s actually very interesting to watch.

Check it out after the break…

(via Gizmodo)


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