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This Chart Shows How Many Hours Of Minimum Wage Work It Takes To Buy A Beer Around The World


It’s a numbers game that we’ve all played: Doing the mental-math dance of trying to figure out how many hours you have to work in order to afford one thing or another. Most of the time it seems like the math is never in my favor. But then again, I hate math, so that sort of explains things.

The folks at Quartz played a similar mental math game too. They gathered data on the average price of domestic draft beer and the local minimum monthly wage in various countries throughout the world. Then they divided the average price of the beer by the hourly minimum wage based on a 40-hour work week and voila! The above chart shows their findings. Apparently, it only takes roughly 12 minutes of minimum-wage work to afford a beer in Puerto Rico, while in Georgia it takes a half a day’s worth of work.

I hope the beer’s worth it in Georgia.

(via FoodBeast)


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