The Most Interesting Man In The World Is Retiring On Mars [Video]

most interesting man mars

When you get tired of being the Most Interesting Man In The World, it’s time to hang up your beard and head to Mars on a one-way, one-interesting-man mission.

After all, it’s a lot easier to be The Most Interesting Man On Mars. Plus, it’s good to know that he’s out there in space. We’ve been looking for intelligent life for a long time—something tells me intelligent life will find him.

Indeed, the popular character that actor Jonathan Goldsmith has portrayed for Dos Equis over the past decade is being replaced by another, presumably younger, interesting man starting this fall. Dos Equis parent company Heineken tells AdAge:

“There will be a hand-off of sorts — one day it won’t just be somebody new,” said Andrew Katz, VP of marketing for Dos Equis. The campaign “will feel familiar, but it will be different,” he said. “There will be elements that are very, very recognizable, that are super iconic to us, but it will have a very fresh take on things. It will not feel like we’ve just swapped actors.”

Check out Mr. Interesting’s last ride in the video below.

(via Consumerist)


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