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Vaportini: Now You Can Drink Your Booze and Inhale It, Too


There’s a new way to increase the alcohol content in your bloodstream aside from the usual (and normal) way of ingesting liquor, which is to drink it. Because it takes a longer time for the effects of alcohol to be felt when it has to pass through the digestive tract, Julie Palmer of Chicago’s Red Kiva decided to invent the Vaportini.

The specially-designed vaporizer vaporizes the alcohol in its glass globe to allow the user to inhale the liquor instead, allowing the alcohol to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. The effects can be felt instantaneously.

Upon extensive testing, higher proof works better for Vaportinis as does more flavorful liquor. Our favorites have been: any Absolut flavor, Bourbons with 80 proof or higher (Knob Creek was particularly delicious), Tanquary Rangpur, and Effen Black Cherry Vanilla. However, the possibilities are endless. We tried several infused liquors that were very successful. Again, the flavor comes through strongly, yet smoothly.

On the plus side (for safety’s sake) the intoxicating effects of the Vaportini are short lived.

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