Waffle Recipe Requires a Whole Can of Pabst


Nick at Macheesmo figured out a way to create waffles using a whole can of Pabst. Why Pabst? Nick explains:

This is a rule: You have to use PBR for this recipe. Will you be able to make this waffle using any sort of light beer? Why certainly. Will it be light and fluffy on the inside and crispy and delicious on the outside? Probably. Will it go equally well with whipped cream, berries, and maple syrup? Yes, of course. But PBR is awesome and there’s no better way to impress your friends then by cracking a can of it open at 9AM.

I’m sure most of you just had a vision of those impressed friends, and they were likely wearing either NASCAR t-shirts or skinny jeans and thick black glasses.

Click here to check out the recipe.

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