7-Eleven Goes Hipster With Mason Jar Slurpees And Mustache Straws

mason jar slurpee

It looks like 7-11 is targeting hipsters with their new 26-ounce plastic mason jar for Slurpees with a matching mustache straw. In fact, they call them “on-trend Slurpee accessories” in the announcement introducing their “Slurpee Summer of Fun”.

This is causing me some personal confusion. The mason jar I can take or leave. I mean, it’s cute but not a need. The mustache straw, however, needs to enter my life. Does this mean I’m a hipster?

Maybe I just have a good sense of fun. Yeah. That’s it. I notice the straws seem to be more popular.

Check out some pictures of the new Slurpees and ‘staches out on in the wild after the break…

(via Eater)


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