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Big Red Announces The Big Red BBQ Bottle, And It’s Unbelievable

big red bbq

If you are unfamiliar with Big Red soda, it’s sold primarily in the southern United States. They also make sodas like Big Blue, Big Manzana (that’s apple, for you non-Spanish speaking types.) and mixed flavors like Big Red Vanilla Float.

But I’m not sure what to think about this new product they sent over an email about today.

They call it the “Big Red BBQ Bottle.”

Basically, it’s a combo bottle that holds soda and BBQ brisket or chicken. So, they’re not mixed as a flavor, but you get both with one bottle.

Granted, this is just a viral gimmick, but their Facebook comments are a pretty amusing mix of people saying gross and saying it looks tasty, with others calling it a fake and one guy going so far as to say that he’s been a customer for 50 years and he’s tired of getting jerked around by the BR marketing team. (Wow, who knew soda was such srs bsns?)

They even made a commercial for it. You can check it out after the break.


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