Boy Requires 38 Stitches To Close Wound Caused By Frozen, Exploding Soda Can

You may want to think twice next time you decide to cool down a soda by sticking it in the freezer. A boy in China required 38 stitches to close up a wound sustained when he pulled a can out directly out of the freezer and opened it, causing an explosion that sent aluminum shrapnel flying into his face.

So what caused this?

Well, water (which makes up most of soda) expands as it freezes so it takes up more space inside the can. And since a soda can is only designed to hold a limited volume of high-fructose corn syrup juice, the freezing effect can push against the physical constraints of the can. Once the container can no longer um, contain the volume of the content, it’ll break.

Probably best to rely on the humble ice cube from now on.

(RocketNews24 via FoodBeast)


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