Capital One Sends Customer A New Keyboard After An Orange Juice Incident

capital one 1

Redditor MaskedKoala had a problem. He couldn’t pay his Capital One bill online because he’d spilled orange juice on his keyboard, and the incident meant he couldn’t use the number “2” key or copy and paste it in. MaskedKoala doesn’t say exactly how that interfered with his ability to pay, but Capital One didn’t question that. Instead, they sent him a note and a new keyboard with no sticking keys. It’s a nice move, sure, but it also means the customer has no excuse not to pay his bills.

See a close-up of the note after the break.

capital one 2

Since the internet is a breeding ground for lies, you should know that Consumerist followed up with Capital One and confirmed. A spokeswoman replied with the following statement:

“We encourage our agents to look for and act on opportunities to practice random acts of kindness for our customers,” she writes. “The program enables our agents to follow up on customer conversations in unexpected, personalized and creative ways.”

(via Consumerist)


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