You’ve Been Drinking Dinosaur Pee Your Whole Life [Video]


YouTube channel CuriousMinds has shed some light on the molecular make-up of today’s water, and turns out it’s basically just dinosaur urine. 

*Spits bottle of “spring water” out of mouth

The following video explains that the total mass of earth’s water has been fairly consistent since the beginning of the planet, and only a fraction of it is drinkable. The Mesozoic period of dinosaurs lasted about 186 million years, as compared to homo sapiens 200,000 years, which means “dinosaurs had a long time to drink water. ” And that water had to go somewhere.

“Most of the water molecules, have never been drunk by another human – but almost every single one has been drunk by a dinosaur”

Watch the video that breaks it all down after the break.

“So drink up and enjoy your dinosaur pee.”

(via Metro)


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