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Is Ecto Cooler Making A Comeback?


It’s been 14-years since Ghostbusters-themed Hi-C Ecto Cooler last graced store shelves. Fans have a lot of nostalgic love for the flavor. There are even Ecto-Cooler recipes available so that you an make your own.

So let’s do the marketing math.

1. Bringing back nostalgic flavors is definitely hot right now. Take Surge for example.
2. A new Ghostbusters movie is coming out on July 15th 2016.

There is a pretty obvious opportunity here for Coca-Cola to resurrect the brand.

Lo and behold, Planet Ghostbusters has revealed that Coke re-registered the trademark for Ecto Cooler on September 15th.

Of course, Coke might be interested in simply keeping the rights—but the timing definitely gives us license to get our hopes up.

(via io9)


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