Man Dies After Consuming $58,000 Worth Of Crystal Meth He Thought Was A Health Drink


A UK man died after accidentally drinking $58,000 of liquid crystal meth from what he thought was a health drink. Romano Dias, 55, was given the bottle by his daughter, Katee. According to Yahoo News, Katee found the bottle years earlier in a package that had been mistakenly delivered to their home. She hung onto the bottle for three years until bringing it out once again and giving it to her father. Dias consumed half of the bottle, and then started complaining about the taste. He started experiencing a burning sensation in his throat and said, “I am in trouble here. I am dying, I am dead.” He expired shortly thereafter.

Investigators say that the bottle was most likely meant for a dealer, but since the packaging was destroyed years ago, finding its origins won’t be easy.

(Yahoo News via FoodBeast)


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