New Outer Senshi Drinks And Desserts Arrive At ‘Sailor Moon Crystal’ Cafes


If you’re in Japan or thinking of making the trip soon, consider grabbing your talking cat and heading down to Tokyo or Osaka, where all-new outer senshi-themed desserts and drinks have come to the adorable Sailor Moon Crystal-themed cafes in town.

The drinks sound delicious: Moon Spiral Peach Tea, Pink Sugar Milk, Space Sword Blue Soda, Deep Aqua Melon Soda, and Garnet Orb Au Lait.

Anion Station will be dedicating two of its chain stores to the newest season of Sailor Moon Crystal, as we gear up to meet Sailor Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn (Pluto has already featured in the show, and it was awesome).



The snacks are fit for a Queen. Or, at least, her awesome guardians: Cosmic Heart Pancakes, Chibiusa and Hotaru’s “Best Friends” Yogurt Sundae, and Haruka and Michiru’s “Forbidden” Parfait (which I like to call “Cousins!”)

The promotion runs from April 4th to May 9th. Cafes will feature drinks and snacks dedicated to the new outer senshi, retailing at about 700 yen (US$6.15) for drinks and 1000 yen (US$9) for snacks. Check out the full details on the Anion Station website.

(via RN24)


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