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Pepsi About To Launch “Fat-Blocking” Soft Drink in Japan

A new product called “Pepsi Special” was recently approved by Japan’s government and will hit the shelves on November 13 at a cost of about $2(US). So why the hell do we care? Because apparently it helps block fat:

Here’s the scoop — Pepsi Special is well, “special,” because of the addition of dextrin. It’s a water-soluble fiber supplement that can make you feel more full and have some reduction of fat absorption effects. Basically, it’s the same thing as Benefiber.

Of course, there’s always the rub. In this case, you’ll surely have to deal with additional toilet time as well as a possibility of more sugar, corn syrup and calories to achieve what the press release calls “[an] aftertaste [that is] crisp refreshing and unique.”

(Pepsi Special/Press Release, via CNET via DVICE)


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