Pepsi Perfect Is Coming Back In November After Botched Release


Back To The Future Day went pretty well overall. It seems like everyone had fun with it, especially brands involved with the original film.

Well, everyone except Pepsi.

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As you may have heard, Pepsi planned on releasing 6,500 limited-edition Pepsi Perfects in the U.S. for the occasion priced at around $20 each. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned and they’re trying to make amends.

According to CNN, the bottles actually popped up for sale earlier than originally planned and were scooped up within minutes. The bottom line is that demand far outstripped supply and Pepsi completely botched the rollout.

People weren’t happy:

But, not to worry, Pepsi is trying to set things right:

Granted, this won’t be good news to anyone that paid upwards of $300 for a bottle on eBay.

(via Slashfilm)


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