Stock Your Shelves With Glowing Nuka-Cola Bottles

nuka-cola bottles 1

If you’ve played any of the Fallout games, then you’re familiar with the Nuka-Cola brand. It’s a popular soft drink with fruity flavors and health benefits, and the Quantum line of Nuka-Cola had a mild radioactive isotope that made it glow. With that in mind, Etsy seller MEM props put together a set of four glow in the dark varieties of Nuka-Cola: Quantum, Victory, Fusion, and Quartz.

The bottles are only props (not for drinking), and once you charge them up with light, they’ll glow for 20-30 minutes.

More photos of the cool props after the break.

nuka-cola bottles 2

nuka-cola bottles 3

nuka-cola bottles 4

nuka-cola bottles 6

Product Page ($35 and up via Technabob)


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