Brooklyn Steampunk Bar Installs a TARDIS Bathroom

A new steampunk themed bar opened in Brooklyn last week, and it has upped the ante for all future steampunk bars. You see, The Way Station installed a TARDIS. Yes, their very own Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space machine. At first, I thought it was just the front panel. That would be geeky enough. It looks like it’s at least two sides of the TARDIS though, and it gets better. It’s actually a bathroom. Insert joke about it being bigger on the inside here.

It’s a brilliant move that I hope other bars emulate. I’d love it if an establishment was inspired to add a Stargate emergency exit door! The truth is, if you build the TARDIS or a Stargate or the Millennium Falcon, we will come. Even if I didn’t drink, you can bet I would drive to that bar just to get my picture taken with the TARDIS bathroom. I can only hope there are plans to install sound effects inside.

(via Geeks of Doom)


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