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D&D Player Turns Wine Into Rules With Underwater Drinking Experiment


Some DMs are pretty flexible when it comes to odd scenarios. Other’s MUST ACHIEVE ACCURACY AT ALL COSTS. This is a story about the latter.

When one of his players asked if he could drink a potion underwater with one hand, this DM chose to tackle the question head on. So he inquired on a D&D forum about how to proceed:

I have a player who wants their PC to drink a potion underwater while one-handed, and as a DM I’m not sure how to rule it.

Ask for a Dex check? What DC? Is it even possible? I couldn’t find anything in the books about using potions underwater in the first place, and I don’t know how to rule it myself. The main problem I see is the potion simply spilling into the water, so knowing how potions work underwater in the general case of having two hands available would be a good start.

How do I make a ruling about this?

Enter fellow DM Eikre, who decided that talk is cheap, and actions speak louder than words:

I am a huge dumb nerd so I just went and proved this for myself with a bathtub and a bottle of Red Guitar. By pulling the cork with my teeth and immediately folding my thumb over the lips of the bottle, I managed to leak only the merest iota of wine. If I had the clearance to stand upright instead of kneeling there, like a moron, dunking my head and holding the bottle sideways, then the only leak would have been from the margin of air at the top of the container.

Having replaced the seal with my finger, it was then no effort to simply wrap my lips around that of the bottle’s, extract my thumb, and admit air from my lungs to equalize the pressure and allow a couple of sips. You can do this yourself without getting your head wet or finding a beverage with a cork.

So my answers is yes, this is a trivial exercise. Even asking for a DEX check would be too much. Only a small child would have a particularly difficult time with this. You might as well ask for a STR check to extract your foot from your shoe.

So, just to recap: He drank wine underwater in the bath in order to prove that drinking a magical elixir in an imaginary scenario is 100% doable. Personally, I admire that level of commitment, and Eikre should definitely be applauded (and, if at all possible, rewarded with even more Red Guitar).

(via Kotaku / Image via Anuva Wines)


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