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Bar Owner Installs A Faraday Cage To Stop Young’ns From Using Their Smartie-Phoneses


British cocktail bar owner Steve Tyler (no, not that one) has decided to take a stand against smartphone addicts while they’re in his venue, and has taken extreme measures to stop them—he went bloody built a bloody Faraday Cage into the walls of his bloody bar.

Mr. Tyler is the owner of the Gin Tub in Hove, a town on the southernmost edge of England, and he wants “people to interact in the real world.” He told the BBC, “If the person you are with goes to the bathroom, the problem with mobiles is they insulate you from talking to other people. I want you to enjoy the experience of going out.”

The bar does have a couple of cool gimmicks, like old-style rotary phones appropriately painted with the British Union Flag. In what is probably an unironic nod to stereotypes, the phones can be used to order drinks from the bar or, if you like, call other tables to talk with bar patrons—allowing douchebag dudebros to harrass women in a brand new albeit decidedly kitsch retro sort of way.

I mean, we understand where this guy is coming from, but slapping the bar inside a Faraday Cage has two big issues. Firstly, it’ll interfere with any device fitted with an RFID chip, such as, haha, some credit or debit cards. This bar may well have to go cash only.

Secondly, if young’ns can’t Instaphoto or Snappy chat their night out at the Gin Tub, they might opt to skip the venue altogether. In fact, the BBC News article about the bar said, “But, one social media expert suggested the move would not attract younger drinkers to the East Sussex bar.” Strikes us as a bit of an understatement, but what do we know? We eat the heads off fish.



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