Gonzo Artists Replace Boring Grocery Store Wine Labels With Much Better Ones

studio 54 malbec

Here’s a small test to see if you buy wine based on the descriptions grocery stores so helpfully provide.

Hugo and Sholto, two Londo “gonzo” artists who go by the name id-iom, replaced some of the labels on wine at Tesco and Sansbury to see if anyone noticed.

They even went so far as to make sure the labels were printed exactly like the store labels, including a barcode and info on Clubcard points.

I really want to know if anyone noticed before the news broke on the internet. I’m hoping they did and just enjoyed the giggle.

See more pictures after the break.

blossom hill snozzberry

soave clam

shiraz with trouser jazz

blue nun dancehall

Photos by id-iom.

(via Grub Street)


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