Original Grain Whiskey Barrel Watches [Review]


Original Grain has launched a Kickstarter for THE BARREL, a line of watches made with reclaimed American oak whiskey barrels. Not surprisingly, the project blew past its goal quickly. However, there’s still time to grab one at a discount. In our opinion, these watches are a ridiculous steal at $129-$169. Even at the full retail price of $249 they’re a bargain. Here’s why…

originalgrain 5

Nice bamboo box. Right off the bat these watches have an upscale feel.

originalgrain 4

Gorgeous. Now, let’s take a closer look…

originalgrain 2

originalgrain 3



The Barrel Collection lineup includes:

barrel collection


barrel watch specs


Wooden watches are nothing new, but the Barrel Collection is something special. For one thing, I’m a whiskey aficionado, so that’s part of it. I also own some pretty expensive watches. That having been said, Original Grain has delivered something that provides a lot of bang for your buck. After having worn it for a week, I can say that it’s rare to meet up with friends and not have someone ask about it. That big 47mm face is definitely not subtle.

It also appears to be well made. Original Grain claims that each watch is handmade and the steel band gives it some serious weight. There are also plenty of little details like rivet marks on the side that mimic those found on a whisky barrel steel band. The Japanese quartz movement and mineral glass are solid and should make for a pretty durable watch.

They even developed an optional DUO adaptor that allows you do integrate an Apple Watch into the design. It seems a little ridiculous (not to mention heavy on the wrist), but I’m firmly in the classic timepiece camp so this functionality really isn’t for me:

duo adapter

The bottom line is that you are going to be hard pressed to find a more unique and well made watch at this price point. It’s a real guys watch for sure. I only wonder what kind of whiskey is trapped in the wood…

More information is available in the following Barrel collection Kickstarter project video:


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