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Drink Whiskey In Microgravity With A 3D-Printed ‘Space Glass’ [Video]


If great whiskey is starting to go to space, it stands to reason that astronauts would need a proper vessel to drink it from (if they’re ever allowed to). So, Ballantine commissioned Open Space Agency’s James Parr, who previously developed a Lumia-powered 3D-printed telescope, to design a whiskey glass suitable for a zero gravity environment.

The high-tech glassis 3D printed from medical-grade PLA plastic and designed to be used in space. It includes a powerful magnet for docking the drink to a magnetic surface and a one-way valve on the nozzle where a customized whiskey bottle nozzle can be inserted for pouring.

In an interview with Medium, Parr says:

“We are using inertia and the notion that the whisky will stay at rest while the bottle and the glass is moved around the resting liquid. Motion one pulls the whisky into the base of the glass, then motion two is to roll the whisky in your hand and let the heat transfer through the metal base into the liquid itself. Step three involves then moving the glass down prior to moving your nose into the space where the vapours are resting. The final motion is to move the glass upwards to capture the liquid in the base plate and let it enter your mouth.”

Check out the diagram and great videos of the “Space Glass” after the break.


(via Engadget)


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