Studio Ghibli Animator Directs A Liquor Commercial, Makes It Touching [Video]

ghibli animator

I rarely watch commercials. The only one that’s caught my attention lately is the McDonald’s one with Batman and the Joker. But maybe if I paid more attention I’d notice that some commercials can tell a story—like this one from Satsuma Shuzo. The Japan-based liquor company recently released a commercial directed by Studio Ghibli animator Yoshiharu Sato. He’s worked on films such as Kiki’s Delivery Service and My Neighbor Totoro. This advertisement for sweet potato shochu isn’t quite on that level, but it does present a warm and fuzzy tale about family.

It’s also in Japanese. Anime News Network explains the premise:

In the commercial, the man sees a liquor store that reminds him of home. He finds a glass that looks like one his father used to have, which his father called a shrine to the potato god. As a child, he broke the glass and used all his money to buy a new one with a different drawing, but his dad said he didn’t need it. At the time he thought that, somewhere, the potato god was angry. Now that he brings the new glass back home, though, his dad says he doesn’t need it because he has the glass his son gave him as a child. The text at the end of the video says “the potato god is right here” and “the home town is always new.”

Watch the commercial after the break.

(via io9)


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