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Teenager Scores Alcohol At Six English Stores Using ID With Bobby Hill’s Picture

Apparently, there are a number of merchants in England who can’t read and think that an 18 year old kid looks exactly like cartoon character Bobby Hill…  or they really, really don’t give a F.

An undercover operation by trading standards revealed that more than half of 22 Nottinghamshire shops were willing to sell alcohol to a teenager who used the above ID. Amazingly, six stores sold him alcohol after checking the ID, and seven stores didn’t even bother to ask for it.

The council said it would issue advice to all the retailers who wrongly served the volunteer and encourage them to adopt a Challenge 25 policy when selling age-related products.

That oughta do it. The chairman of the council’s community safety committee called the results “disappointing”, and are considering using a child with fake ID next time – a move they have already sabotaged by actually giving shops a heads up.

(via Daily Mail)


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