The Canned Coffee-Wine Combination You Never Asked For Is Coming

Coffee wine in a can

Make your mornings weird by tossing back a can of coffee flavored wine. Seriously. The product is coming from Friends Fun Wine in two flavors: Cabernet Coffee Espresso and Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino. Just don’t expect a caffeine and alcohol buzz. Friends Fun Wine’s Facebook posting describes the product as follows:

We know you must be curious, and it’s a bit hard to describe the taste – you have to experience it, but once you try it you will fall in love, we promise! it’s a non caffeinated, low alcohol, low calorie drink.

Huh. I’m not a fan of flavored coffees so there’s no part of me that’s interested in this concoction. I’m guessing the company did some sort of market research to lead them in this direction though. Maybe they were looking for a Four Loko for the boxed wine aficionado.

Would you try this bizarre beverage?

(DCN via Consumerist)


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