These Musical Instruments Dispense Southern Comfort [Video]

southern comfort musical dispenser

David Cranmer is a mechanical sculpture artist with a history of fantastical works including a theremin inside a stuffed badger and a Furby hurdy-gurdy, so if you need a crazy mechanical sculpture that plays music, he’s pretty much the guy to call.

So when New Orleans-based Southern Comfort was looking for a way to promote themselves, get attention and dispense free drink samples, Cranmer got the gig.

The project resulted in two machines that combine jazz instruments, music, lights, sounds and Southern Comfort in a pretty cool way.

I need something like this for my place, except I want a mini 67 Impala that shoots Jack Daniels out of the tailpipe 😉

Check out the video after the break.

You can view the back story and more images at Nervous Squirrel.

(via Neatorama)


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