This Adorable Baby Is Actually Filled With Booze [Video]


Now you can look like you’re being a responsible parent when, in reality, you’re a shady character that’s drinking in public. The Cool Baby is a flask that’s hidden inside a fake baby in a baby carrier so you can sip away without anyone being the wiser. According to the Kickstarter campaign,

The head, legs and arms are a lifelike PVC construction. For the drink-insulating torso, a simple Polyurethane foam. For the baby-body-shaped, 36oz. drink container and straw, BPA-free Polypropylene. The mouthpiece is silicone. The harness is a cotton blend. Materials we’re all familiar with, and we’ve all stuck in our mouths since we, ourselves, were babies.

Now it’ll look like you’re giving your precious baby a kiss when you’re really taking a sip of the good stuff.

See another picture and the project video after the break.


(via Incredible Things)


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