Tostitos Bag Will Get Uber When It Detects Alcohol On Your Breath

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, Tostitos is taking social responsibility to a new level by introducing a chip bag that can detect whether someone’s been drinking and help hail them an Uber.

The bag is equipped with sensors that will detect alcohol on a person’s breath, turning green when all is well and red when boozy breath is in the area. In addition, the bag will issue a “Don’t drink and drive” warning and offer a $10 Uber credit for a discounted trip home. Near-field communication technology will even let you tap your phone to the bag to hail a ride.

All that being said, it has to be emphasized that the bag is NOT a breathalyzer, as it will only detect traces of alcohol and cannot determine blood alcohol levels. In other words, it’s a novelty that’s fun for a few seconds, but only really useful for salsa and Uber credits.

(via The Verge)

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