$45,000 Watch Contains A Drop Of The World’s Oldest Whiskey

Polish company Wealth Solutions and Swiss watchmaker Louis Moinet have found an new way to separate rich people from their money, and it involves adding a single drop of the world’s oldest whiskey to a $45,000 timepiece.

The whiskey, Old Vatted Glenlivet 1862, was officially opened in a ceremony on March 14th at the five-star H15 Boutique Hotel in Warsaw—at which point 50 drops were subsequently wasted in these limited edition watches. The watches will be available in two variants: 40 in a steel case and 10 in a gold case.

If you’re rich and don’t think this is a colossal waste of money, you can get yours beginning on April 8th.

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(Luxury Launches via Geekologie)


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