Whisky Advent Calendar: Get Into The Holiday Spirit Every. Single. Day.


Counting down to Christmas or counting down to those dreaded family get-togethers? The Whisky Advent Calendar can help on both fronts.

While most Advent calendars might feature little candies or toys behind each of the 24 doors, the Whisky Advent Calendar features 24 different kinds of one-ounce whisky bottles:

Highlights among this year’s 24 drams include a rare 50-year-old Scotch, an award-winning Japanese whisky and the World’s Best Blended Whisky (World Whiskies Awards 2014). Each handmade, wax-sealed dram allows whisky fans to sample a new whisky, tasting everything from single grain whisky to rare Scotch worth up to £350 a bottle…

Product Page: ($190.32)


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